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Mythic Billiards League

Playing out of Fantasia Billiards and Restaurant, We are a BCAPL sanctioned pool league currently running two divisions, Monday Singles 9-ball race to 5 and Tuesday teams 8-ball and 10-ball round robin


Teams will have a roster of no less than 3 players and no more than 6 players. Changes to the roster can be made within the first 4 weeks of the season unless extenuating circumstances apply.

Each team must have a captain who is the liaison between the team and the league. The duties of the captain include but are not limited to:
Making sure the team has enough players present for every match.
Making sure all fees and dues for the team and its players are paid.
Keeping any disagreements between players civil.
Rescheduling matches with the opponent captain.
Any other correspondence with the League Operator

All players must sign the liability waiver every calendar year to be eligible to play. All players must submit an active cell phone number, email address, and home address.

Team weekly fees are $30 and must be paid promptly via cash, or Zelle transfer (no checks or paypal). The captain is responsible for the weekly fees regardless of absent players or forfeits. Any team with an outstanding balance will not be allowed back until all fees are submitted. Their scheduled matches will be forfeit and their fees will accumulate weekly.

Any player or team who quits mid season will forfeit all rights to payouts of any kind and a team will not be allowed back until all accumulated fees have been paid.

ABSOLUTELY NO FIGHTING OR BULLYING. First offence will result in being banned for the remainder of the season. Second offence will be reported to the BCAPL and you will be banned from Mythic Billiards leagues for a year. Third offence gets reported to the BCAPL and permanent removal from all Mythic Billiards leagues.


Play begins promptly at 7pm. If players from a team are not present at the table by 20 minutes after the start time and no one from the absent team has contacted the opponent captain or the league operator, one game will be forfeit every 10 minutes, starting at the start time +20 minutes. After 4 games have been forfeit the rest of the night is lost. The winning team still pays their weekly fee and will get the win with 10 points.

Any team that misses a scheduled match, and has not attempted to reschedule their match, will not be allowed back to league play until they have paid the weekly fee for the missed match(s). If two matches are forfeit the forfeiting team must pre-pay all fees for the 2nd half of the season. If three matches are forfeit, the team will be dropped from the schedule until the next season.

Matches can be rescheduled given prior notification (no less than 24 hours before play time, unless extenuating circumstances apply) and the approval of the opposing team. Re-scheduled matches must be completed before the next regularly scheduled season match.


This is a BCAPL sanctioned league and follow the CSI Rule set.

Coaching is only allowed for players with Fargo Rates lower than 350. The shooting player is the only person who can call a “time out” for assistance. Coaching is allowed only once per rack and should not take more than 1 minute. If any member of the players team asks the player if they want a time out or makes the suggestion, the player must call their time out at that point.

It is the players responsibility to know what your opponent is shooting or attempting to shoot for. Stay at the table and if you have any concerns stop the game. Please do not wait until the shooter is down on his/her shot to stop the game. Shooter must acknowledge his opponent and answer their questions regarding the attempted shot. Once players have pocketed a legal ball, at any time a shooter can ask their opponents what balls they have (stripes or solids). The opponent MUST ANSWER that question honestly! It is always best to call each shot to avoid any confusion. We expect ALL players to play with honor and sportsmanship. Therefore it is imperative that you call your own fouls and listen to your opponent. ONLY THE 2 PLAYERS CAN CALL FOULS. Teammates or other people watching cannot interject in any way with the match being played period. Players must question the shot/foul prior the opponent going down on the next shot. If no third party was called to watch the hit, it is the shooter who makes the final determination. Remember you can call for anyone (preferably a neutral party) to watch a shot, and your opponent has to wait until such person is at the table. The call made by the person who is watching the shot is final. There will be NO arguing with that person.

Aramith “measle” balls or any other outside cue or object balls, as well as templates, are only allowed if both teams approve. If only one player says “no” then the house equipment is used.

All games are “rack your own”

Shooting out – With the approval of the opposing team, one player on a team is allowed to shoot out or play all their games consecutively at the beginning of the night. The team with the player shooting out must have all three players present at the match start time. This is for emergencies only. The match times and durations are well established and all players scheduled for a match should have no conflicts other than unforeseen emergencies.

Playoffs - Semi-final and finals

The top three teams and a wild card team will qualify for playoffs. Any team who plays only 2 players on more than ¼ of the regular season weeks will not qualify for playoffs. The first place team will play the wild card team, 2nd place will play 3rd place. The wild card team will be determined by random draw at the end of the last night of regular season play. Teams must have a full roster of 3 players. If a team only has 2 players their competitor determines if the third players games are all forfeits or if the 2 man team can split the games of the third player (same as in regular league weeks). In order for a player to qualify for playoffs they must have a minimum of half of the seasons weeks played during the regular season. For a team to be considered for the wild card draw they must have a complete 3 person team play on the last two nights of regular season (Bye nights being the only exception).

Finals 12/19/2023 - POV Pool Stream

Semi Finals 12/13/2023 - POV Pool Stream

Spartans - 1st place team 12/19/2023 Spartans - 1st place team 12/19/2023

Wild Boys - 2nd place team 12/19/2023 Wild Boys - 2nd place team 12/19/2023

Chalk & Awe - 3rd place team 12/19/2023 Chalk & Awe - 3rd place team 12/19/2023